Here is a sample of the information sheet we have you fill out.
You can download a copy in Excel format by clicking your right mouse button here and selecting "save  target as"

      Wedding Information Sheet   Extra Songs
      Please fill out the information as completely as possible. Be sure to cross out any evnts or songs you don't want.   Please list either a type of music you want more of or any specific songs suggestions
      Wedding Date:    
    Bride's Name     What music types do you like?
    Groom's Name     Country   More     Some     Yuck!
    Billing Address     Swing       More     Some     Yuck!
          Disco       More     Some     Yuck!
    Contact Phone #'s     Polka       More     Some     Yuck!
    Bride's Day- Eve.   Rap         More     Some     Yuck!
    Groom's Day- Eve.   Club/Tech More   Some     Yuck!
          50's/60's   More    Some     Yuck!
    Reception at:     Latin        More     Some     Yuck!
    Location & Addr     30's/40's  More     Some     Yuck!
          Top 40     More     Some     Yuck!
    Dance Song Choices      
    Bride & Groom Dance (Song name)
    2nd Dance (Song name)
    Circle your choice =>
Wedding Party/ Wed Party & Parents/  Parents Only 
    Father & Daughter Dance:     Special Options
    Groom & Mother Dance:     No charge for these!
          Wireless Microphone
    What do you want for your "Kissing Cue" Clinking Glasses/ Guests sing love song/ Other? <== Circle your choice   Bubble Machine
          Fog Machine
    Available Group Dances (Circle the ones you want, Cross out ones you don't, Optional ones leave alone)   Scatter Spots
    Butterfly Bunny Hop   Grand March Introductions
    Electric Slide Chicken Dance   Top 10 Songs
    Hokey Pokey YMCA   1
    La Macarena Hand Jive   2
    Dollar Dance Disco Hustle Cha Cha Slide   3
    Groom Circle Bride Circle   4
    Bouquet Toss Yes No (circle one)   5
    Garter Toss Wild or Mild or None? (circle one)   6
    Guests Arrive: ____   7
    Dinner Music Start Time: ____   8
    Dance Music Start Time ____   9
    Dance Music end Time ____   10

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