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Other Wedding Options

A Truly Magical Day!
Imagine your guests delight when you tell them you are having a professional entertainer, one who has performed on cruise ships, and such fabulous Caribean resorts like Sandals, Swept Away, and Grand Lido, at your reception!

Rehearsal Dinner Riot!

Is your best man this tough?
Bridesmaids .vs. "The Chopper"
The rehearsal dinner will never be forgotten when your
friends and family star in this comedy and magic blast!
Can the Bride's Father find the "Big Money"?
Can Aunt Edna Survive the "Chair of Death"?
and most importantly,
Can the Groom read the Bride's Mind???

Every year, Kevin Hall has a limited number of dates available for wedding receptions and rehearsal dinners. His unique brand of "Couples Magic" matches the events perfectly!

Effects like
  "Burning Love",
  "Togetherness", and
  "What will Your Future Be"
create a romantic sparkle
everyone will remember!

  Magical Moments for the Bride & Groom

The fun starts as your guests are greeted at the reception by a mysterious gentleman that makes the impossible seem easy! They gasp as miracles happen in their own hands! Jewels change colors, women prove their intuitive powers and there's even a special card trick featuring the bride and groom's names!

    Later in the evening comes the romantic and fun-filled "Magical Moments" mini-show. It features your family and friends and ends with a special illusion for the bride and groom the shows everyone how strong your love really is!   (Ask about the unique momento you'll receive!)

Children, Little Devils to Little Angels
Many times, children get bored before the dance starts. They run around the reception hall making noise and bumping into things. We provide a mini-magic show designed specifically for the kids that keeps them entertained and out of your hair. Includes a special trick where a beautiful multi-color streamer magically appears out of the flower girls hands!

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