Janet's Corner

    Hi! Nice of you to drop by. My name is Janet Hall and yes, I really do work with the strange trio of men you saw on the first page. ( She does other things too!)

    I didn't start out in life hoping to be sawed in half or skewered with swords. It just sort of happened! I guess I thought Kevin would outgrow this Showbiz phase eventually. But after 17 years of singing, dancing, comedy and finally, magic, I've learned to watch myself whenever he gets that gleam in his eye! For example, on our first wedding anniversary, we had a romantic dinner and wine. Then he promised a special surprise later in the evening. Was it flowers, jewelry or perfume?

    No, It was a newly purchased guillotine! Yes, I got to be the first victim accompanied by flashing lights and "Phantom of the Opera" theme music.

    Working in a magic show I get a lot of questions. Here, is my own personal FAQ list.

  • Do you really have a purple dog named Scamper?
    I have a dog "Scamper" and a Persian cat "Kirby" They are wonderful animals, Scamper's kind of a ham while Kirby's more shy (Just like Kevin & I!). Is Scamper purple? Well ... that depends on what he's been rolling in.

  • Exactly what kinds of illusions have you performed anyway?
    Let's see, There's the Chamber of Doom, The Ropes of Death, The Guillotine of Terror and The Pillar of Flame. (Gee, Do I see a theme developing here?) Yes, I've been cut in half, beheaded, skewered, burned alive, levitated, Zig Zagged, appeared, disappeared, exploded, mailbagged and imprisoned in "The Cage of Steel!" And that's just in the first half hour! Actually, it's a lot of fun. You can tell by the exaggerated names that we definitely do comedy magic.

  • So is there actually any danger?
    Let me count my bruises! No, actually it's pretty safe. There are always safety precautions you have to take when dealing with fire and sharp objects but that's a minor concern. However, just because it's safe doesn't mean you are always comfortable. Imagine being crunched in a tiny box during an outside show with temperatures in the 90's. Sounds like fun doesn't it?!

  • What do you like the most about performing?
    I like sharing the fun with the audience. At first, they don't know quite what to make of our show. I mean, a scientist who hates magic, a psychic(psycho) sheik and guy playing the blues all in a magic show? But they soon realize that they're getting three times the fun and they really come alive! Of course, It's always fun wearing all those beautiful, flowing, beaded, sparkly costumes!

  • So, What don't you like?
    Repairing and fixing all those beautiful, flowing, beaded, sparkly costumes!

  • I've seen the show, No woman can change costumes that fast! What's your secret?
    You really want to know? Come closer ... No, come closer, I'll whisper.
    OK, Can you keep a secret?

Cute Picture of Scamper the Purple Puppy! Cute Picture of Kirby the Friendly Kitty!