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Best Entertainment 2005

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  (Kevin & Janet Hall -
    The Halls of Magic)

You Can't Fight Showbiz!

Although I didn't realize it at the time, my family was definitely different.   I thought every family had 15 kids.  I thought everyone's Mom designed costumes and had her own Musical Zanygram business.  Of course, I also thought that every family was involved in show business too.  Our dinner table conversations were definitely not run of the mill.  We would talk about one sister cutting her next record, one brothers work on his songs for his lead in Cinderella, another brother had just won the local "Battle of the Bands" and another sister was trying to talk me into doing a tap dance at a talent contest. 

However, I was the shy one.  When they gave me the lead in the school play, I was petrified!  I sang really bad during rehearsals until they put me back in the chorus.  I almost died when my mother made me go out and do a dancing bunny telegram.  Talk about scary!  I was sure I was too shy for showbiz but 24 years later, it just burst out of me!

I was a successful super computer designer who suddenly found himself taking lessons in dozens of different styles of dance.  I joined an improv  group and even started singing in a Roaring 20's show group.  I was getting a patent in integrated circuit design during the day and dancing with flaming machetes at night! 

Then came the fateful day when this gorgeous computer engineer was placed in my office.  Suddenly, my entertaining skills had a new target.  After lots of pursuing  plus some practice and hard work, I became a magician and my lovely wife Janet, a quick change artist.  The end result has been a fairy tale life of shows in exotic locations around the world.   What's next?  Well the "Americas Got Talent" TV show has recently contacted us about performing.  If that works out,  it may just be the way to finally realize our dream of having our own theater.

Choose An Award Winning Company!

Kevin Hall of the Halls of Magic Inc. - Although he is know for his comedy magic productions he also has a extensive background in dance, music and corporate sales/engineering. Yes, It is an unusual combination!

Dance/Music - He has performed as a MC, Stand up comedian and featured dancer with "The Accent" and "The Dance Sensations". He performed as a singer in the "Sophistications" singing group and has performed with his own DJ and Karaoke company for over 15 years. He and his partner were chosen by Merv Griffin Productions to perform in a Hollywood TV dance special and had a top selling Aerobics Album with K-Tel corporation.

Corporate Sales/Engineering - Starting out as a computer design engineer he quickly graduated to one of the top technical presenters at Cadnetix and Intergraph corporations. He spent 9 years presenting to Fortune 500 companies across the US and Canada winning several awards and accolades but more importantly, learning to deal with all manner of corporate cultures.

  • You get a full-time performer with an incredible variety of experiences to draw from.
  • We have our own professional choreographer and music director/arranger.
  • We can customize our show for your group, message or event theme.
  • We purchase mostly custom illusions. You won't see them exposed on TV!
  • We are members of  International Special Event Society (ISES) and know how to work with your caterers, event planners etc. to make your life easier.
  • We have packages that combine dinner music, show and DJ dance for a whole evening of entertainment.

And most important ...
Our backgrounds let us combine music, dance, illusion and humor into a high-energy comedy & magic extravaganza you won't soon forget!


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Halls of Magic Entertainment