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Are you having a patio party,
private event or tropical theme event?

A Cannibal Kevin Mini-Show will create an
exciting blast of interactive entertainment

The Lonely Cannibal Show - Kevin's Solo show with strolling magic, Comedy, Contests & Dancing

Cannibal Kevin & The Tahatian Treats - As above but also includes two Tahatian dancers (full costumes & headresses) with special Hula contest for the men!

Cannibal Dance Option - Add in a complete sound & light DJ package for dancing excitement!


Customer appreciation night:
Guests were greeted with colorful tropical decor and Cannibal Kevin's interactive strolling magic.
Guests were given special Cannibal tests including:
    "Find the Cannibal Card", "Find the Eyeball" and Three Skull Monte.
Both a special Cannibal Joke contest and a Witch Doctor Sing-a-long were held,
hosted by Cannibal Kevin and his whirling knifes and outrageous jokes.

Sales Party Blowout:
A large communications company (Ok, it was AT&T) needed a 4 hour event to let their employees unwind a little after 3 very intense days of meetings. We came up with a mini-DJ dance show ( heavy on group dances and activities since spouses weren't invited) that featured Cannibal Magic, Limbo contest and other high energy beach music.  It ended with the "Manly" test... Cannibal Kevin actually slid a sword right through the Vice President'sneck!
The employees had a great time, really let go and still got in before midnight ready to face another day of exciting meetings!

Pool Party:
If your having an small gathering, Cannibal Kevin will certainly add a unique touch. Even a small area can be perfect fot Strolling Cannibal Magic, the limbo and witch doctor contests and some group dances. A party favorite is the Double Arm Chopper, it's the ultimate Cannibal Test of Courage where two of your guests face the evil "Blade of Doom"


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